its the last week of this semester and I must say it was an OK one. Glad that its over. See you August!





Sequence 01.Still002

Rajae  as (Liam)


This week everything ran smoothly. The days were hot like before ( as you can see in the picture above), as well as the boom mic was broken. All in all, we didn’t let them stop us from doing our shoot. We finished the silent film and started the dialogue which is comedy. We ran into a little problem because the comedy script WAS NOT FUNNY AT ALL. So we had to do impromptu as we shoot. Surprisingly, it was good, we all chipped in as a group. Even the actors gave suggestions and ideas. The overall day was prosperous.





Sequence 01.Still001

The actors Danielle ( Shelly ) and Rahjae  (Liam )



Week 11 was daunting. My group and I did a lot of shooting. The shoot days were extremely hot and long, especially on Saturday. Thank Goodness that our talents were good at what they were doing. As such we shot as many scene as possible until we started to encounter a lot of problems with the equipment. For instance, the boom mic, was broken and we had to tape it up to work.  Despite the fact that we had problems with the boom mic, our shoot was successful.