“What we know about how to be who we are” Chris Abani (2008, 3:12) comes from stories produced by the media.

Dangers of a Single story is a speech made by Chimanda Adichie a Nigerian Novelist at TED in 2009. The speech is about how the British and American books create a dominant idea, or image of people or a country.

After listening to the speech, I began to question things that I’ve been questioning but didn’t find a definite answer. I know realize that the “power of a story” a “single story” is much more influential than we can think or even image. I realize that every single human on the face of the earth have “incomplete views” or even the most common thing to do “ Stereotyping” of persons who are not of their nationality without even realizing that we do.

Listening to The danger of a single story, I realize themes from West Indian literature relating to Adichie experience. Themes like “Coming of Age” “search for identity” and “folklore”. She mentioned that because of the “single story” she knew as a child, were the only things she wrote about only (foreigner characters, ginger beer and things she could not identify). She stated that, being in America made her to embrace herself, as well as finding her identity.


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