Learning my History and Culture through ART

Human can never understand their past without History. History is the only window to our past.
LeShante Tennant

The window to our past is through Arts, whether that art be music, sculpture, paintings, photography etc.
LeShante Tennant

Out of may one people

What is Art? Art is the appreciation of human expression that reflects reality.  Dictionary online defines Art as “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination..” for me Art is also the “Memoirs of a Culture”

Throughout human existence art has been created. It has contributed greatly in understanding human’s history and culture, not only that but according to (Cronin) it helps us to “unlock our imagination and stir us to pause, think and reflect.

On a trip to the Jamaica National Gallery, I began to understand why my culture is the way it is more clearer through paintings and sculptures from artists like Edna Manley, Barrington Watson as well as Karl Parboosingh.Cement Company the title of a painting done by Mr. Parboosingh showed how Jamaica looked in the twentieth century and how appreciative I must be of Jamaica now. I was able to see the history, culture and story of the black race as well as Jamaica landscape through the works of Mr. Watson. I also learnt that Mr. Watson has a high respect and regard for women through his nudity collection of paintings. This can be seen through the musical arts of Jamaicans, the female parts are one dominant topic in dancehall music.


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