Mirror, Mirror= Reflection

For the past weeks I have come to fully enjoy and appreciate blogging. I found blogging to be a really cool, quick and effective means to express and share my views on burning issues. I began blogging because its a required activity in order to obtain grades in one of my course taken at the University of Technology, Jamaica. At the beginning I was a bit uneasy to the fact that people across the world would someday stumble upon my blog and start to give harsh criticism. The underlying fear I had in regards to criticism is that I would take it really personally and stop writing because I am a lover of writing, but have never showed it to anyone.

One blog that I`m extremely proud of is “Dangers of a Single Story” that was posted on
March 1,2012. Please read to see! What I`m taking about. The comments that I received, showed me that I was getting the gist of blogging.

Although I`ve received good comments, I`m still at the point where I`m not satisfied with how I`m expressing myself. I was even told about being careful with grammar. To correct this, i intend to read a lot more and start talking more standard English more often than usual.