Camera Moment

Camera movement refers to the actual or perceived physical movement of the camera apparatus through space. At its most basic level, camera movement creates a sensation in the spectator that he or she is moving through space.

# 1 Camera Pan:

Camera Pan is when the camera moves from left to right, which is a horizontal movement.


# 2 Tilt

Camera Tilts refers to the up and down movement of the camera. This is a vertical moment that is used to show a building or a  person.



# 3 Dolly

Dollying is where the camera is attach to a wheel. This is done to allow more freedom of movement during filming, as well as it is often used for inside shots. This is used to shot action.



# 4 Track

Tracking is where the camera follows the action on rails or tracks. This movement is used to follow action.


NOTE: Tracking is similar to dollying but the difference is that in dollies the camera is moved toward or away from the subject, whereas in a tracking, the camera is moved sideways, parallel to an object.


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