Camera Lightning

Three Point Lightning Before I begin looking at Three Point Lightning. I will first look at what is Lightning? What is the function of Lightning? Lightning >>>>>>> It is used to add mood and drama to a shot. It is also used to “model” the objects so their shapes become apparent to us. So how we do that? We do it by using the Three Point Lightning. The Three Point Lightning is a method used in visual media such as video, film, still photography and computer-generated imagery. This method uses three lights called the key lightfill light and back light.  As a rule:


Light is the main light and is usually the strongest. It is placed in such a way that one side is will lit and the other has shadow.


The Fill Light is known as the secondary light. It is placed opposite of the fill light as seen in the photo. This light is used to fill the shadow created from the Key Lightning, it is usually softer and less brighter than the key light.


Lastly, the back light, which is placed right behind the object and lights it from the rear. The purpose of the back light is to highlights around the objects outline. It also helps to separate the subject from the background.


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