Semester 2

So, the Christmas break is over which means school is now in session. First week of school and I must say am not too excited, due to the fact that I wanted another month of holiday. So last semester I documented what I`ve been learning for weeks and this year is no exception. I did part 3 to Communication studio last semester and this semester we have part 4.

My lecturer started the class by showing us our documentary work from last semesters. She highlighted my group strengthens and weaknesses. With that being out of the way, the class then started on a new journey. I learnt about genres. What are genres? And the different types of genres. I was even informed that cartoon and animation are not genres. I know, your surprise but they aren’t.

During the middle of the class, my lecturer place the entire class in four (4) groups. Each group got a genre assigned to it. Am in group 1 and my group got horror. So the task is to create two films, one horror and the other in whatever genre my group decide on. One which should be a silent film. One should last for 2 minutes and the other 5 minutes.


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