So this week is the presentation of our recce on our horror film. Let me just spare you the detail and just say, my group members and I have to do it over.  back.  Anyways we learnt about submixes in Adobe Premiere Pro. A submix is a track that combines audio signals routed to it from specific audio tracks or track sends in the same sequence. Submixes is use to speed up your edits and get greater clip consistency.

In a PowerPoint presentation my lecturer sent me this:

How to create a submixes

  • Go to audio mixer
  • Click drop down triangle to left of mixing channels
  • This displays the Effects And Sends panels in the Audio Track Mixer.
  • Click the Show/Hide Effects And Sends triangle at the left of the Audio Track Mixer.
  • Choose an audio track and the type of submix to create.
  • This can be Mono,Stereo,Stereo5.1 or Adaptaive



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