WEEK 4 ( Sound Design) Wall-E

This week in class we talked about sound designs. What it include?   What I got from the discussion is that “Sound design is the process of creating, manipulating and generating sounds. Sound tell stories, it evokes emotions. It is also used to enhance the story effects of a movie, play, Tv show, video games etc. These sounds are created by sound designer.”

As it relates to what it include?  “Sound design includes mixes from different audios, foley etc. I think what qualifies as sound design is how it evokes emotions. They are created by software programs such as Alchemy, Reaktor and Logic’s Sculpture”.


We were asked to watch Wall-E and answer the following questions as an assignment and send it in.

  1. What did you observe about the sound design in Wall-E?
    1. Did it work to make the story/ watching experience believable?
    2. How did it make you feel? (what contributed to that)?

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